Amish Roasting Chicken
Naturally-raised, cage-free chickens
Chicken Breast
Bone-in or boneless
Frying Chicken
Soup Chicken
Stuffed Chicken Breast
Wild rice stuffing
Chicken Legs
Chicken Thighs
Bone-in or boneless
Chicken Wings
Jumbo or regular
Tender, flavorful and juicy
Whole Duck
Pekin and Rohan varieties available
Duck Breast
From Moulard ducks
Foie Gras
A French specialty: fatty duck liver
Duck Legs
Fresh or confit
Whole Goose
Cornish Hens
Whole Turkey
Call ahead for sizes. We have Amish, Schaul's All-Natural, and Kosher
Turkey Breast
Turkey Legs
Whole legs, Thighs, and Drumsticks available
Turkey Wings
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Photo credit: Eric Futran for Artizone

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